Maximizing Machining Relationships – A Conversation with Troy Spies

Following up on a previous post, Maximizing Machining Relationships in Your Supply Chain we talked with Heartland Enterprises production lead, Troy Spies to get a few thoughts on what to look for when selecting a quality CNC machining service provider.

Q:  What are the benefits of a good quality management system?

Troy:  It takes a good quality system to have continuous good parts.

Q:  Do the capabilities and quality of a CNC machining service partners machines matter?

Troy:  Good quality machines that are robust and repeatable with a good process you’ll have quality.

Q:  What should you look for when visiting a new shop?

Troy:  Cleanliness is the first thing that you see when they walk in the door.  They see bright lights and clean floors, clean machines, desk tops are clear, instruments are in the right place.  That sets the tone right off the bat for a quality shop.

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