Aircraft Parts & Materials

Heartland Enterprises has expertise machining parts ranging from .5″ up to 42″ diameter and 70″ length. Our high volume components can withstand the intense pressures and various challenges of the Aerospace industry. Common components that we machine for the Aerospace industry include shafts, turbine disks, impellers, and more.

When choosing a material for your Aerospace application, its important to consider, weight, durability, and temperature resistance. Heartland Enterprises efficiently machines a range of difficult aerospace material options including:

  • Inconel
  • Titanium
  • Waspaloy
  • And more

Certifications & Standards

As a full service ISO9001:2015 + AS9100D certified contract manufacturer, Heartland Enterprises has extensive capabilities and experience partnering with demanding customers who need machining for a diverse range of highly engineered parts that transcends the aerospace market. Please contact us for more information about our quality and standards.

CNC Machining Services