Partners Help Drive Heartland’s Quality and Production

Heartland Enterprises is an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified contract manufacturer focused on CNC machining of larger diameter (2” to 42” turned and 2” to 30” milled) production parts. Our exceptional team is focused on meeting customer requirements to ensure we deliver high quality parts within an agreed upon timeline.

In order to accomplish our goals it’s critical that we rely on and leverage deep relationships with partners and customers. In addition to our internal processes and improvement efforts, its important to have outside stimulus with ideas and resources that continuously help us meet customer needs while challenging the status quo. A business is either moving forward or its moving backwards — there is no standing still. Without outside stimulus, it is very easy to become insular and get lulled into accepting the current state of affairs. You can become comfortable ignoring what you don’t know. To avoid these traps Heartland relies on a number of key partners to keep us ahead of the game in the following areas including;

Relationships and Knowledge;

  • San Antonio Manufacturers Association (SAMA) — SAMA and its members help Heartland be more aware of what is going on around us including seminars and leadership training that keep us up to date on various aspects of our business to ensure we are continuously raising the bar. Events including bus tours and socials allow us to create new and strengthen existing supplier relationships for mutual benefit that have helped improve our business.
  • Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) – As a local partner headquartered in San Antonio the SwRI provides ample training opportunities and critical consulting support.
  • Perry Johnson Registrars – As Heartland’s ISO9001:2015 and AS9100D registrar Perry Johnson not only provides certification of our quality management process they also provide invaluable feedback that ensures that we have a strong process in place and holds us to account to ensure we do what we say we will do.


By partnering with material vendors and subcontractors who are at the top of their fields not only can you rely on them to achieve desired outcomes there is also a lot to learn. By benchmarking areas of the business that overlap there are significant opportunities to grow and improve.

Equipment and Tooling Suppliers

Heartland’s long-term relationship with Okuma and Hartwig is a competitive advantage.   As our primary CNC machine tool provider we rely on Okuma to design, engineer and manufacture top of the line equipment that holds tight tolerances everyday over many years. Additionally our local distributor Hartwig is a partner for sales, training, and machine maintenance ensuring our Okuma equipment is maintained and optimized.


Customers are a critical sounding board for expectations in the marketplace. By listening and responding to customer requirements, expectations, and goals success will follow. The true partnerships we have with customer are invaluable to Heartland’s success. By incrementally improving based on customer input and feedback over many years we have continuously met customer needs while becoming a more accomplished supplier and long term partner.

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