Heartland Enterprises is a leading large part aluminum machining partner capable of CNC machining parts with diameters ranging from 2” to 42” turned and 2” to 30” milled. We have experience with and will quote jobs from diverse aluminum grades.

Aluminum is one of the most commonly machined materials, as most forms of the material feature excellent machinability making it popular for manufacturing. Aluminum is more machinable than some other metals due to the fact that it chips easily, meaning the cutting tool spends more time and effort cutting the work-piece instead of chips it has just created, and it can be relatively easy to shape, allowing aluminum to be machined up to 3x to 4x faster than iron or steel.

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Benefits of Aluminum Machining

Corrosion Resistance
Aluminum’s corrosion resistance eliminates the need for heavy and expensive anti-corrosion coatings and makes the material virtually maintenance free.

Aluminum is thermally efficient which gives it insulation properties suitable for a range of environments.

Strength-to-Weight Ratio
Aluminum has unbeatable strength to weight ratio. Its light weight and low density is especially beneficial for Automotive and Electrical applications.

Ductile & Malleale
Aluminum has a pleasing finish and can be curved, cut and welded to any desired shape without losing its strength.

Applications Suitable for Aluminum

Aluminum is an incredibly popular material for a variety of diverse machining projects. The most common uses of aluminum include:

  • Automotive components
  • Construction applications
  • Power lines
  • Electrical cables
  • Motors
  • Appliances
  • Power systems