Heartland Enterprises offers high performance grinding operations for rods, shafts, cylinder liners, and a variety of other parts used by large OEMs across the United States. Our facility is equipped to perform external, fine, outside diameter, high speed, wet, multiple diameter, stepped, and precision grinding processes.

Highlights of our CNC grinding capabilities include:

  • In-house OD grinding systems that can achieve surface finishes down to 6-8 Ra with tolerances as tight as +0.0002″
  • Grinding for parts up to 59″ in length and as large as 11.8″ in diameter
  • Typical production runs of 5-100 pieces, but we’re also fully equipped to handle any specialty, low, or high volume production runs

Certifications & Quality

We’re an AS9100D / ISO9001:2015 certified company, practicing stringent quality procedures that ensure our parts exhibit longer service life, higher durability, and exceptional performance. We serve industries such as aerospace, oil & gas, agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, military, power generation, and semiconductor industries.

We take quality control seriously; each part undergoes multiple inspection procedures during the entire manufacturing process.  We perform inventory lot control, dimensional certification, traceability, material test reports, heat analysis, and statistical process control before any part or assembly is delivered to our customers.

Material Capabilities

Our highly trained staff can grind a variety of materials according to our customer’s specifications including:


All of our grinders support 2-axes of motion and will achieve very tight tolerances depending on the project’s requirements. Our Toyoda Model GE-4P-150 CNC Grinder is incorporated with a flagging system, automated repeatability, in-process gauging, 2 point steady rest, and diamond dressing cycles that ensure results are of consistent quality, cylindricity, and size uniformity.  Our Landis 10″ x 72″ and 30″ x 48″ plain cylindrical grinders allow us to provide manual operations for a variety of production needs.



Machining Process External Grinding
External and Outside Diameter
Fine Grinding
High Speed Grinding
Multiple Diameters
Outside Diameter
Precision Grinding
Wet Grinding
Equipment Toyoda Model GE-4P-150 CNC Grinder with flagging system and 2 point steady rest, 59 Inch (in) length x 0.4 Inch (in) up to 11.8 Inch (in) diameter.
Landis 10 Inch (in) x 72 Inch (in) Plain Cylindrical Grinder
Landis 30 Inch (in) x 48 Inch (in) Plain Cylindrical Grinder
Machinery Axis 2
Surface Finish 6 to 8 Ra
Tolerance Very tight tolerances, dependent on application – please inquire for details
Production Volume 5 to 500 pieces
Specialty Production Shop
High Volume
Available Lead Times1 4 w
Quality/Inspection Inventory Lot Control
Dimensional Certification
Certified Material Test Reports
Heat Analysis and Testing Certification
Statistical Process Control (SPC)
Materials Cast Iron
Stainless Steel
Carbon Steel
1 Quoted on job by job basis

Additional Information

Industry Focus Aerospace
Gas and Oil
Power Generation
Industry Standards International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 / AS9100D
File Formats Adobe Illustrator (AI)
Drawing Interchange Format, or Drawing Exchange Format (DXF)
Initial Graphics Exchange Specification (IGES), ANSI file format.
Inventor (IDW, IPT)
Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPG or JEPG)
Product Data Exchange using STEP (PDES), Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data. A standard format for exchanging data between advanced CAD and CAM programs.
Portable Document Format (PDF)
Pro-E or Pro/Engineer (DRW, PRT, XPR)
Standard ACIS Text (SAT)
3D ACIS Model File
SolidEdge (DFT)
Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data (STEP)
Tagged Image File Format (TIFF)
Unigraphics (PRT)