Heartland Enterprises is a leading large part titanium machining partner capable of CNC machining parts across the diversity of titanium grades. We specialize in machining titanium for the Aerospace market including a large breadth of uniquely sized workpieces. We have the capability to machine titanium parts as smalls as 2” up to 42” diameter.

Our skilled technicians are capable of addressing the unique challenges of titanium machining due to their many years of experience. We understand that titanium behaves more flexible so it is important to ensure that there is a secure grip on titanium workpieces and a rigid machine setup is in place. Our equipment ensures that there are no interrupted cuts on the workpiece, and that plenty of high-pressure coolant is used to prevent galling and built up edges on your machined part.

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Benefits of Titanium Machining

Strength-to-Density Ratio
Titanium has the highest strength-to-density ratio of any metallic element on the periodic table. Titanium (unalloyed) rivals steel in terms of strength but is less dense.

Corrosion Resistance
A key advantage associated with titanium is its natural resistance to rust and corrosion.

Titanium is among the strongest and most durable metals on the planet, which is why it’s used in so many industrial applications.

Aerospace Suitability
Titanium has become a staple for Aerospace applications. About 2/3 of all titanium metal produced is used in aircraft engines and frames since the material is particularly suited for Aerospace needs.

Applications Suitable for Titanium

While titanium aerospace machined parts are a common application, titanium is suited for a variety of additional applications including: