Oil Field Industry Parts

Primarily focused on the hydraulic fracturing (fracking) segment of the Oil & Gas industry, Heartland Enterprises specialized in machined parts including the “jewelry” / “consumables” within the frac pump fluid end such as:

  • stuffing boxes / bore sleeves
  • cover retainers
  • discharge covers
  • gauge fittings
  • stay rods
  • plungers
  • pony rods
  • valve and valve seats

Certifications & Standards

As a full service ISO9001:2015 + AS9100D certified contract manufacturing Heartland Enterprises has extensive capabilities and experience partnering with demanding customers machining a diverse range of rods, shafts, and other highly engineered parts that transcends the Oil Field. Contact our machining experts for more information about our quality and standards.

CNC Machining Services

Machined parts used in the Oil & Gas industry typically require a variety of machining processes as well as coating and painting, and magnetic particle inspection. Heartland Enterprises is prepared to provide turnkey parts for your particular needs. Explore our services for more information:


Roll Threaded Parts

In addition to machining parts, our machine shop is set up to provide a variety of secondary services including thread rolling. Using hardened dies, we are able to create highly precise, intricate external threads for frac pump parts.  We create acme, metric, multi-lead, stub acme, unified, and UNJ threads with diameters as small as .500″ and as large as 2.75″ for a variety of materials and special alloys.

Visit our thread rolling page for more information about our capabilities.