Heartland has extensive capabilities and experience partnering with demanding customers producing a diverse range of rods and shafts that transcends a large array of markets.

Natural Gas Compression

  • Meeting the needs of diverse customers across the compressor segment
  • Years of experience machining a wide range of large engine and compressor parts
  • Including piston rods highlighted parts produced in this market include; pistons, cylinder liners, valve holders, ring carriers, sheaves and flanges
  • Typically these parts require a variety of machining processes including turning, milling, grinding, honing, phosphating, plating, nitriding, hardening, and inspection services

Oil Field — Hydraulic Fracturing & Fluid Control

  • Primarily focused on the hydraulic fracturing (fracking) segment
  • Highlighted parts include; stuffing boxes, cover retainers, discharge covers, gauge fittings
  • Typically these parts require a variety of machining processes including turning and milling


  • Large diameter CNC machining in the aerospace markets has given us capabilities and expertise to work parts sized up to 42″ in diameter and 70″ length
  • Efficiently machine a range of difficult aerospace materials including Inconel, titanium, and waspaloy
  • High volume products currently being produced include shafts, turbine disks and impellers

With our experience Heartland is capable of meeting the precision and quality needs of any customer in any market.